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       To further strengthen our school's undergraduate education and teaching work,Strengthen professional connotation construction,Realizing professional characteristics,Comprehensively improve the quality of talent training,November 9,The Academic Affairs Office organized the 2023 professional construction phase check and defense meeting,Hua Yuyao, Director of the Academic Affairs 188bet mobile loginOffice、Professor Li Qiang at the School of Marxism、Professor Su Xihui at the Department of Information and Control Engineering attended the meeting。Participating in the defense from 6 departments,11 majors,5 of which are new professional。

       On the defense meeting,Each majors from curriculum ideology、Teachers Team、Teaching Resources Construction、Experimental and Practical Teaching Platform、Education and teaching reform effectiveness、The quality of talent training is reported one by one。

       Hua Yuyao, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, pointed out,In recent years, our school has attached great importance to professional construction,Not only propose high standards for professional construction、Strict requirements,It is also expanding the professional teacher team、Increased support for professional construction。During the professional 188bet casinoconstruction process,It should be clearly clear,True Grabbing,Out of results、Out of results; on the teacher team,Improve the ability of teaching reform、Scientific research ability and competition results;,Make sure students' employment quality、The overall quality of the student meets the requirements of the school training goals。

       During the defense process,Experts deepen school -enterprise work,9555_9578,It also gives guidance on the problems existing in the construction of new professional construction,Clarifying the new major must refine the target settings、The overall requirements of implementing tasks implementation,And high hopes for the new majors to improve the professional level。

       Review Expert Professor Su Xihui believes,At present, it is the critical period of comprehensively promoting the revitalization of the Northeast,All major in our school should resonate 188bet online sports bettingwith the same frequency as national needs,Integrate the Northeast Revitalization into Course Thought,Especially in mechanical engineering、Environmental Biological Engineering、Information and control engineering and other majors,Teachers should clarify the professional prospects brought by the revitalization of the Northeast during the teaching process,Improve students' enthusiasm for learning,Inspired students to work hard,To truly integrate the deep integration of curriculum ideology and education and teaching,Improve teaching effectiveness。

       Judging expert Professor Li Qiang emphasized,The role of teachers in professional construction is unbearable,Teachers of various professional teachers should improve their scientific research capabilities,Make up shortcomings,Teachers should stand at the forefront of scientific research,Only to expand 188bet mobile loginstudents' discipline vision,Provide students with high -quality classroom teaching,to improve the teaching level and quality。

       Our school will continue to follow the requirements of the undergraduate professional quality guarantee system,Implement normal monitoring,Professional construction effectiveness as an important basis for resource allocation,Continuously improve the quality and level of professional construction。

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