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        "Loose",Is Broadcom Entivol,Pay attention to the organic combination of blogging and essence。This not only reflects the principle of "profound" only by "broadness"; it also reflects 188bet sports bettingthe school -running concept and mode of combining talent education and talent education for our school。Talent is the requirements for comprehensive quality,Specialty is the requirements of professional level and skills。

        "Du Xing",It is a solid bow,Pay attention to practice。"Book of Rites ● Mean" on the way of governance,Start with "learning",Close the chapter with "Duking",Actually, the relationship between learning and use,The purpose of learning is to use,For practice,In order to transform the subjective world and the objective world。"Higher" is sincere and practical、Loyalty,"Bowing" is physical 188bet mobile loginstrength、Persist in practice。

        Symbly self -cultivation,Pay attention to the moral cultivation of teachers and students,Trained people,Educator,Developer,Make people "people"。

        "Ethics": Establish a beautiful moral,Pay attention to the cultivation of virtue,This is the foundation of being a man。Efforts to improve moral cultivation,Establish a socialist concept of honor and disgrace,Develop good words and deeds。Student ideal is big、Goblies of morality、Diligence Learning、Pursue truth,Teachers are teachers、Gan Yu Dedication、Study on hard work、Yong climbing peak。The college has a good study style、Teaching 188bet mobile loginWind and School Wind。Successful people must have both virtue。

        "Slim",It is nourishing morality,Treat the body and mind,Improve your moral cultivation。Confucianism attaches great importance to self -cultivation,Think of "after repairing the Qi family,Qi family and then rule,National Governance and the Great Sky。From Tianzi to even people,One is (that is, the same), all with self -cultivation "。("Book of Rites ● University")

        Chinese traditional education ideas pay attention to "learning,Trial,Thinking about it,Differential,Duke Zhi Zhi "and unified。("Book of Rites ● Mean") The purpose of college 188bet mobile logineducation is to show that everyone has、Morality you have,Push yourself and others,enable everyone can go to the new。The primary function of the university is to cultivate students' pure quality,Guide them to adhere to the right path,This is a sacred and great merit。

School Song -Da Road Sunshine1

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