School is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province,It is an ordinary undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education。The school was founded in June 1999,It is a state -owned private secondary college of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology,April 2004 was recognized by the Ministry of Education as an independent college,The school is named Shenyang Institute of Chemical Engineering Kia College,April 2016,Transfer to an independent general undergraduate college。
       The school currently has 7228 full -time undergraduate students,487 full -time teachers,Among them, 400 own full -time teachers,82.13%。Campus covers an area of ​​419,600 square meters,Building area of ​​260,900 square meters,Teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment The total value of 660.496 million yuan,Library collection paper books 630,700 copies,2.6 million copies of electronic books。
       Since 25 years of running school,The school's comprehensive implementation of the party's education policy,Implementing the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Persist in educating people for the party、For the talents of national education,The needs of the development of the old industrial 188bet slot casinobase of Liaoning Old Industrial Base,Highlighting application -oriented school positioning,Adhering to "learning、The school motto of species morality ",Firmly establish the status of the teaching center,Promoting Sanquan Education、Five education,Efforts to run a private university satisfactory to the people。
       The school always uses ideological and moral education as the primary task for teaching and educating people,According to talent training goals and professional school characteristics,Keep exploring educating methods and laws,Concrete the educated characteristics of the soul of bacon casting the soul with "the spirit of great anti -US aid North Korea"。Construction on campus culture、Talent training、Curriculum thinking、Society construction and other work,By carrying out "Five Studies and Five", "Nine Projects" and other activities,Fully integrated into the "Patriotic Spirit、Revolutionary Heroic Spirit、Revolutionary optimism spirit、Revolutionary loyalty spirit、The Spirit of the United States Aid North Korea for the United States and Aid North Korea,Guide teachers and students to establish the correct worldview、Value and outlook on life,Cultivation of socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor。
       The school always revolves around the transformation and development of Liaoning old industrial bases and "Digital Liaoning、Construction of Intelligent Manufacturing Strong Provinces ",Tightly docking the local pillar industry and advantageous industry,Continuously optimize the discipline professional structure,188bet slot casinoOpen 28 undergraduate majors,Covering Engineering、Management、Economics、Education、Literature, including five disciplines, categories,Focus on creating chemical and pharmaceuticals、Equipment manufacturing、Information Engineering、Four application -oriented professional groups such as modern service,Pharmaceutical Engineering、Two majors of financial science are identified as first -class undergraduate construction major in Liaoning Province,Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Experimental Teaching Center was rated as Liaoning Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center。
       School insists on school -enterprise cooperation school,The needs of regional economic development,Establish a school -enterprise cooperation relationship with 212 companies,Establish a working mechanism for school -enterprise cooperation,Establishing by the industry、Enterprise、Professional Construction Guidance Committee,Construction Industrial College,Deeply carry out school -enterprise cooperation and cooperation。In the past three years,17 items for the Ministry of Education for the Ministry of Education,5 items for high -quality production and academic cooperation in Liaoning Province,529 items of various scientific research projects at all levels,Teachers and students published academic papers 1066 articles,Write 220 textbooks,Get authorized patent 412 items。
       The school adheres to the deep integration of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education。Strengthen the top -level design,Forming a working mechanism,Construction two -level base,Construction 188bet mobile loginof the cultivation model of specialized talents,Promote education and teaching reform to achieve innovation breakthrough。Innovative and entrepreneurial work won 2020、2022 Liaoning Provincial Teaching Achievement Third Prize,The results of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition are always located at 20%in front of the province's universities,Cumulative provincial and above rewards 3948 items,Among them, 21 items of international rewards,National reward 88 items,50 times for outstanding organization units,In the "Challenge Cup" and "Creating Youth" event,The total score of the group ranks among the top 90 universities that have participated in the province for seven consecutive years,The coverage rate of teachers and students is as high as 90%or more,up to 38,000 people,Tens of thousands of high -quality application -oriented talents for local economic and social development。
       The school owns a special allowance expert of the State Council、1 of national model teachers,1 national outstanding scientific researcher; 6 teaching teachers in Liaoning Province,1 outstanding teacher in Liaoning Province,1 person in Liaoning Province's "Ten million Talent Project" 100 people、Thousands of people levels 2 people、Ten 10,000 -level candidates 2 people,1 outstanding educational science and technology worker in Liaoning Province; 2 leaders in Shenyang City,Shenyang City Top Talents 2 people。
       The school has obtained the Organization of the Advanced Party Organization of the Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province、Advanced Youth League Committee of Liaoning Province、Liaoning Labor Education Demonstration 188bet mobile loginSchool、Shenyang Outstanding College Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Station and other honorary 73 items,The results of the running school are by Xinhuanet、People's Daily、China News Network、China Education News、1Liaoning Daily and other media reports 219 times。

       Standing on the new historical starting point,We will always adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively implement the party's education policy,Implementing the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Based on the new development stage、Implement the new development concept、Build a new development pattern,Comprehensive improvement of governance capabilities,Innovative development ideas,Constantly crack the new proposition of school development,Continuously deepen education and teaching reform,Demonstrate school running characteristics,Cultivation of socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor,Strive for the goals of high -level applied undergraduate colleges and universities with distinctive characteristics,For Liaoning comprehensive rejuvenation, all -round revitalization and training high -quality application -oriented talents,Struggle to write a new chapter in Shenke of Chinese -style modernization。

(updated in March 2024)

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