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       To further promote the construction of first -class undergraduate majors,Highlight first -class 188bet casinoprofessional leading role,On the morning of December 19,Education Office organizes relevant experts to provide two provincial -level first -class undergraduate majors in our school、The construction of the 8 school -level first -class undergraduate majors undergo a staged inspection。

       will be on,The person in charge of each professional for the course of ideological politics、Teachers Team、Construction of teaching resources、Experimental and Practical Teaching level、Education and teaching reform and innovation、Talent training for talent training,and proposed the construction plan 188bet online sports bettingfor the next stage。Experts at the meeting carefully review,and make guidance suggestions based on the materials that are defense and submitted on the spot。

       Experts affirm the school -enterprise cooperation represented by the first -class undergraduate majors at the provincial level,and propose to be in future work,Each major should broaden students' feedback methods,Continuously optimize school -enterprise cooperation mode,Effectively build a student's needs、A win -win cooperation model for corporate needs; practical links in related courses,Experts propose a combination 188bet sports bettingof practice and theory,Second, we must strengthen the classroom management of practical courses,Reaching the expected curriculum effect。

       Next,The school will take first -class undergraduate majors as an opportunity,firmly grasp the core point of comprehensively improving the ability of talent training,Adhere to "Based on the Order",Promote "Four Return",Further change the concept of construction,Give full play to the leading role of demonstration,Promote the high -quality connotation development of undergraduate education,Comprehensively improving talent training 188bet online sports bettingability and quality of talent training。

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