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       To study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought themes for the new era of Xi Jinping,Learning and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on "Perfecting the whole process of education and teaching",Give full play to the "six places" red culture in Liaoning's "six places" in the ideological and political theoretical class of colleges and universities.,From November,The School of Marxism of our school is based on "Teachers' All participation、Student coverage、‘Six Lands’ all walking around ”,With the high recognition and support of school leaders,Carried out a series of ideological and political courses with the theme of "Pursuing Liaoning 'Six Lands' Red Culture"。

"The beginning of the Anti -Japanese War"

Black Mountain Blacks and Waters boost, red flame Qingyun flowing thorns

       Shenyang is not only the place where the September 18th Incident、The earliest place of the Northeast Anti -Japanese Volunteer Army,At the same time, it is also the starting place of the 14 -year Anti -Japanese War。

       December 5,Our school signed an agreement with Shenyang History Museum with Shenyang "September 18" History Museum。The Party Secretary of the School Geng Naiguo、Liu Fang, dean of the Marxist Academy, and more than 50 representatives of the teachers and students of the research group attended the signing ceremony。After the signing ceremony,"September 18" History Museum Deputy Director of Social Education Department、Associate Researcher Ji Ning made a vivid on the title of "Looking back at the Northeast Anti 188bet sports betting-Japanese War inheritance Red Gene"、Deep report。

"Start of the War of Resistance Against Japan" - "September 18" History Museum

School signing ceremony of the Patriotic Education Base with the "September 18th" History Museum

"Extraction of the War of Liberation"

Gongcheng Liao and Shen only war in the first battle, and since then he wandered nine streams

       November 4,The research team is facing the early winter charm,Come to "Turn of the War of Liberation" -Jinzhou。

       In the process of visiting the Memorial Hall of the Liaoning -Shen Campaign and the combat site of the matching pool,Teachers and students gathered together、Listening to the side ear,Find the figures and deeds of the revolutionary martyrs,Detailed history,Revisiting the great struggle。Follow the explanator Ru Ge Ru Ru Liao,Before a piece of cultural relics、In a picture of photos、In the recovery scene one by one ... the majority of teachers and students have deeply realized that the revolutionary martyrs are not afraid of sacrifice、The heroic spirit of the front and successors and the family feelings of the country and the people who are the country and the people。

       and then,The research team re -walks the inspection point of General Secretary Xi Jinping Jinzhou -Donghu Forest Park,Effective feels since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The speed and temperature of the city's urban development and change,Deep understanding the spirit of the times with reform and innovation as the core。

"Extraction of the War of Liberation" -The Liaoning and Shen Battle Memorial Hall

"New China National Anthem Material Land"

Sadly ask the green mountain where the green, Zhuang Yinbi Blood Manjiang Red

       November 22,Xueyu sharp,Sky。Third batch of teachers and students of the study group 30 people,Come to the northeast of the Anti -Federation of Benxi to visit and remember the anti -Japanese war first。

       Study on Benxi Station,Let teachers and students realize the important part of the Northeast Anti -Allied Spirit as an important part of the spirit of the great anti -Japanese war,It is the source of the power of the Northeast Anti -Japanese Coalition forces under 188bet slot casinothe leadership of the Communist Party of China.。Teachers and students have collected a large number of relevant historical facts,These first -hand information will inevitably enrich in the education and teaching of ideological and political courses in the future。

"New China National Anthem Material Land" -The Northeast Anti -Federation History Shinhe Exhibition Hall

"Anti -US aid to the DPRK"

Iron Bridge Bailu Expedition Frontline, Liaoshen Wanjia is doing rear

       73 years ago, the Chinese People's Volunteer Army across the Yalu River,Dandong has become the starting point of their brave battle。

       November 11,Teachers and students of the Study Group 48,Not afraid of early winter cold、Facing the Cold Masketball,Come to Dandong's Anti -US Aid DPRK Memorial,Revisiting the great "existing"。This trip,Let teachers and students fully realize that this victory is of great and far -reaching historical significance for New China,The spirit of great anti -US aid North Korea has also carried out the imprint of hardships in everyone's heart。

       Subsequent,Teachers and students came to the Yalu River to visit the Broken Bridge site,Feeling the age of the smoke and artillery and fire。Then board the mottled bridge,Looking around the river on both sides of the river,Today's happiness and tranquility is the first time we come from the first blood sacrifice。This trip to Dandong,It is a baptism of the soul,It is also a deep respect for the martyrs who fought for the battle for the solid country 73 years ago.。

"Anti -US aid to the DPRK" —— Anti -US Aid DPRK Memorial

"The Foundation Land of Industry of the Republic"

Who is leading the leader, Liaoning craftsman shaking the spirit

       December 8,Thirty people from the Teachers and Students of the Research Regiment came to China · Industrial Museum, which is located in Tiexi District, Shenyang City。

       Here,Teachers and students have seen the epitome of China's industrial development,I also felt the vicissitudes of history; both deeply appreciated the difficulties of New China from scratch.、The spirit of stubborn hard work,I also deeply understand that the rapid development of the Chinese economy 188bet slot casinois inseparable from modern industry,Then more deeply understands the significance of the party and the country's strategy of implementing the revitalization of the Northeast Old Industrial Base。

       With the end of the visit,The leaders of the team leader and the main leaders of the museum negotiated to build the practice base of the ideological and political lesson also reached a preliminary intention。

"Foundation for Industrial Industry" -China · Industry Museum

"Lei Feng's spiritual birthplace"

Rain supports the green umbrella, save the high trace on the way

       November 24,Thirty people from the teachers and students of the research group,I came to the Leifeng Memorial Hall with the most lofty respect,Visit through field、On -site teaching、Revisit the party's oath、Sacrifice the tomb of Lei Feng,Deep learning Lei Feng's Spirit。Teachers and students follow the interpreter,Visited the themes such as "ordinary life", "Great Spirit", "Forever Example" and other themes,Conflying listening to Comrade Lei Feng's life。Through the precious old photos、A yellow book、A piece of real items,Everyone has deeply obtained the enlightenment of life from the spirit of Lei Feng,Draw the power of forbearance。

       So far,This time with the theme of "Pursuing the Liaoning 'Six Lands' Red Culture", a series of ideological and political courses in ideological and politics also draws a successful period。

"The birthplace of the spirit of Lei Feng" —— Lei Feng Memorial

Deeply digs the red resources of Liaoning, and enables the construction of Dasi Political Course

       In recent years,The School of Marxism of our school has been committed to studying how to give full play to its own resource advantages and location advantages,Organic integration of red resources in Liaoning "six places" into colleges and universities in ideological and political education and teaching,Deepen the excavation of "rich ore" in the red cultural resources of Liaoning,The advantages of red cultural resources into our school's ideological and political teaching advantages,Formation can be used for reference、188bet slot casinoPromotional teaching experience and teaching mode,It has achieved more and more important achievements in promoting the construction and practical education of "Dasi Political Course",Then strive to create a new feature of the practice of ideological and political courses in our school,Continuously exploring the new realm of the connotative development of the ideological and political course of our school's ideological and political courses。At the same time,In terms of "big ideological politics",Our school intends to take the spirit of the great anti -US aid North Korea as an important starting point,Deepen the excavation of "Patriotic Spirit、Revolutionary Heroic Spirit、Revolutionary Optimism Spirit、Revolutionary Loyalty and Internationalism Spirit。"and other content, including rich ideological connotation,Guide teachers and students of the whole school consciously practicing and promoting the spirit of patriotism in the new era,Times newcomers in the era when Shen Ke's humanistic spirit is constantly advancing with the times with the times of the humanistic spirit。

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