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       To pursue hero footprints,Inheritance of the martyrs' legacy,Promoting the spirit of patriotism,Implementation of the school's "Implementation Opinions of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology on Deepening the Deepening the United States and Aid North Korea",Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of youth college students,April 7,Our school carried out "Nanny Yinglie Casting Loyal Soul Inherit 188bet mobile loginthe Red Tree Fresh Wind" course for ideological and political education。

       Teachers use 10 minutes before the class to organize students to stand up and stand up,Collective silence,Reinforcement of martyrs、Memories of the deceased,Then combined with history, tell the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs for students、Play the short film "Wish",Let students feel the lofty spirit of the martyrs,Stimulate their patriotic enthusiasm。

       Through this activity,188bet sports bettingStudents benefit a lot,Not only will it help students better understand history、Remember History,It can also stimulate their sense of nation's pride and responsibility,and integrate this spirit into daily learning and life,Establish a great ambition,Contribute wisdom and power to the realization of the Chinese dream。

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