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       In order to implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army to fight against the United States and the United States,Implement the characteristics 188bet slot casinoof schools to fight against the United States and help the North Korea,solidly promote the "Five Studies and Five Do",Inspired young students for patriotism、Courage to take responsibility,Our school from April 4th-April 6th,Organize 122 teachers and students volunteers to go to Shenyang to fight against the United States Aid DPRK Cemetery Cemetery to carry out volunteer service activities。

       This volunteer service has received the cemetery staff、Sacrifice the unanimous praise of the masses,and was deeply reported by the mainstream media of Shenyang。

       Qingshan buried loyalty,Cui Bai Mian Ying Soul。On the solemn square,Martyr's Monument Towering,Surrounding the square,Volunteers are guided by the staff,Orderly carry out volunteer 188bet mobile loginservice activities,Do your best,Make every sacrifice from each of the cemetery can feel a special care。

       In the event,Volunteers are enthusiastic about rising、division of labor collaboration,distributed in the tomb according to the working pointVolunteer service work throughout the park。Some volunteers are responsible for maintaining the order of entering the park at the gate of the cemetery,Assisting security personnel to complete the registration of the park,Guide vehicles enter the parking lot; some in front of the cemetery、horizontal axis square、Main Square Square and Sinking Memorial Plaza is responsible for guiding the group to enter the park、The orderly sweeping ceremony is completed 188bet slot casinoin an orderly manner; some assist the staff in the memorial to maintain order,Inspection exhibition Chen facilities, etc.。Volunteers use enthusiasm to add a warmth to the martyr's cemetery,Also practice the spirit of volunteer service with practical actions,Feel the spirit of anti -US aid in the heroic deeds of the martyrs,Fight for the past in Fun Jin Fang Hui。

       Yinglie Stirling Strong Mountains and River,British Lie's Spirit and Long Live。This event,Volunteers interpreted the vitality and style of Shen Scholar with practical actions,Show the responsibility and responsibility of contemporary youth。The great deeds and lofty spirit of the anti -American and the aid of the DPRK,Speed ​​and space、Jiu 188bet mobile loginMi Xin,Future,Shenke students will not forget their original heart、Remember the mission,Continue to uphold "Dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progress "volunteer spirit,Live of the career of the revolutionary martyrs,Strive for life to achieve the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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