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       To further help our teachers to improve the ability of ideological and political education and teaching,Improve the effectiveness of Lideshu people,Help 188bet online sports bettingthe school to comprehensively promote the construction of the curriculum thinking and politics,In -depth promotion of the spirit of resistance to the United States and aid North Korea,Strengthening curriculum collaborative education,Recent,Our school organizes "the spirit of the Anti -US aid and aid North Korea" integrates the course of ideological and political teaching seminars。

       Each teaching unit uses the milling link,Digging to create an excellent curriculum in ideological and political teaching cases that are fully connected with the spirit of anti -North Korea and the course of thinking and politics,Display through the open teaching class、Share Excellent Teaching Case,Drive the 188bet mobile loginschool's curriculum ideological and political construction。

       In this course of ideological and political teaching seminars,A total of 22 special curriculum ideological and political teaching cases,and organize a centralized review。

       Employment experts from the teaching concept of the case、Master Design、Teaching target、Content analysis、Process and method、Case effects and other dimensions have conducted in -depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of cases,and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions。Review experts give high evaluation to some outstanding cases。At the same time, it is also pointed out,Cases should be closely combined with the characteristics 188bet mobile loginand advantages of professional courses teaching,In -depth digging and refining the ideological value and spiritual connotation of the spirit of anti -US aid in the process of talent training,Strengthening systemic design,Promote students' participation、Experience and practice,As a result, the ideological and political education is organically integrated into the teaching process。            

       The holding of this event,Not only does it provide communication and learning for our teachers、Platform that is promoted together,It also forms a scale to promote the construction of the course of ideological and political in our school、Forming a system,Lile 188bet casinoa solid foundation for comprehensively improving the effectiveness of Lideshu people。

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