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waiting for the wind, 188bet online sports bettingit is better to chase the wind
Run in the wind is the beginning of love for life
"Fire Cup" college student fluorescent night running activity is as scheduled
Are you ready?
       To further enrich the cultural life of our school students,Enhance the physical fitness of college students,Strong fitness heart,Our school is about to host "Fight Young,Running 'Future "theme fluorescent night running activity。I believe that the students have been rubbing their hands and can't wait,Please check the details of the activities!
       Activity Time: May 8th 18: 00-19: 30
       Activity location: North Campus Stadium
       188bet slot casinoActivity process
       1.18: 00 Arrive at the North Campus Stadium,Perform pre -match inspection。
       2.18: 00-18: 30 Receive fluorescent vests and fluorescent bracelets。
       3.18: 30-18: 50 warm-up in the warm-up area。
       4.19: 00-19: 30 Running,,The schedule is 2 × 400 meters (two laps around the operation)。
       5.19: 30 Collective photos are taken, and the game is over.
       1. All athletes perform warm -up activities in the lawn of the stadium。
       2. Each department will order the fluorescent vest and fluorescent stick。
       3. How crowded with people and pay attention to safety to avoid collisions.
       188bet casino4. If physical discomfort occurs during the game, please terminate the game in time。
Dot fluorescence lit up the night sky and lighten us
The most beautiful face of youth is not running
Action is the attitude of youth!
Here,I wish you all a beautiful "fluorescent night"! 
Love, you can spend a long period of time
Run, go to the youth and brilliant Shaohua
Not as good as action
Run the blood, live up to youth!
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