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       To improve the innovative thinking of teachers and students of our school,Stimulate the vitality 188bet sports bettingof innovation and entrepreneurs,Pioneering vision,Actively discover and cultivate a group of innovative projects,On the afternoon of May 8,Our school's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo is held at college students' innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base。A variety of cutting -edge innovation and entrepreneurial equipment attended the exhibition,Comprehensive、Multi -angle display project products and services。

       This Expo,Double -founding enterprises and project teams from various disciplines through product display、Holographic presentation、On -site explanation、Live 188bet casinoand cargo and other methods to focus on the results of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship equipment and innovation and entrepreneurs。

       At the Expo,The equipment and achievements brought by the high -tech teams have attracted many teachers and students to come to visit and experience,Everyone has a strong interest in these innovative products,Communicate and interact with team members,In -depth understanding of the characteristics and advantages of the product,Also sharing the innovation process,Feel the enthusiasm of innovation,Appreciate the spirit of innovation。

       Our school hosting an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo is an innovation 188bet casinofor the integration of specialized education,The school will continue to adhere to the deep integration of professional education, innovation and entrepreneurship education,Practical practice "All staff innovation、Innovation in the whole process、All -round Innovation "innovation and entrepreneurial concept,Actively build various types of innovation and entrepreneurial platforms,Through the report of double innovation experts、Competition、Salon、Training Camp、Carnival and other activities to tell the story 188bet sports bettingof innovation and entrepreneurs,Create an innovative and entrepreneurial 188bet sports bettingbrand,Empower the efficiency of the school's high -quality development。

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