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       May 8th,Shenyang School of Science and Technology ushered in a dazzling fluorescent night running activity,More than 400 188bet online sports bettingShenke students have joined this night run feast。They have reached the wind and rain stadium to conduct pre -match inspection,Receive fluorescent vests and fluorescent bracelets,They wear fluorescent equipment on their bodies,embellish yourself,Bright eye -catching like a flowing star river,Gathering into a beautiful landscape,Added endless vitality and glory to the entire stadium。

       warm -up link,The dance "Fantasy Call" brought by the College Student Art Troupe burst out the audience; a nice song "If You Can" let the students remove the fatigue during the day,Follow the singer's rhythm to wield the fluorescent sticks in 188bet slot casinotheir hands; dance skewers "TALK that Talk" pushed the atmosphere to a climax,Live applause thunder,Cheering。Not only the flashing fluorescent sticks that light up tonight,It's everyone's enthusiasm and vitality。With wonderful performances,Students perform warm -up exercises,The power of awakening muscles,Make the final preparation for the next campus night。

       At 18:30 pm,Sending the gunshing,Start at Night Run,Students are out of the fluorescent arches,Wearing fluorescent vests,Hand wearing fluorescent hands around the shoulders,Look at it,fluorescence along the way、Starlight 188bet online sports bettingDot,The students' enthusiasm for exercise is fully released and ignited this night。

       This is the 105th anniversary of the May 4th Movement of this May 4th Movement,Shen Kezi runs through the fluorescent night run,Remember the lofty patriotic feelings and revolutionary spirit of the May 4th Pioneer,With the enthusiasm and vitality of youth,Welcome the opportunities and challenges of the new era。At the same time,This event aims to increase students' physical exercise consciousness,Let students get out of the dormitory、Towards the playground,Enhance your constitution in physical exercise、Enjoy fun。

Let us look forward to the next meeting

188bet online sports bettingLet youth and fluorescent meet

Let running and health follow

Huai Dream, Sing Gao Sailing

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