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       Recent,7969_8002。This carnival will "win the future in innovation,Dream of Entrepreneurship Achievement 188bet online sports betting"as the theme,Starting from May 5th,8036_8111,Provided a feast for teachers and students。

       At the beginning of the event,The gift session of the collection has attracted a large number of students to participate。They hold a collection card,Traveling through the Internet celebrity punching point in various dual -innovation bases,Exchange the school's exquisite cultural and creative gifts through all seals。8586_8605,It also enhances students' sense of participation and sense of gain。

       During the process of punch,9136_9162,Award face face -to -face with the award -winning team with various innovative 188bet sports bettingworkshops,Raise self,Looking for inspiration。From smart home to environmental protection technology,From cultural creativity to industrial design,9213_9239。

       9601_9631,Try to find the fit point with your own research direction。Face -to -face exchanges with the award -winning team with various innovative workshops,Clarified your research direction and goals。”

       May 7,Drop Gluconus Salon and 3D Salon Event are held as scheduled。Students can make ticking works,perfect combination of color and creativity,Create a unique artwork。They carefully allocate the color,Careful drip irrigation,188bet slot casinoFinally present a beautiful piece of work,Fully demonstrated their creativity and imagination。

       10837_10858。Here,Students pass 3D printing technology,turn your creative design into reality。10888_10910,The power of marveling at technology。10920_10942。

       May 8,11416_11439。11428_11451,They use a series of colorful activities,11467_11490。

       At the same time,Robot Salon Event is held as scheduled。A variety of functional robots showed a variety of powerful robots,12031_12056。They are amazed by the intelligence and flexibility of the robot,It is also full of expectations for the 188bet sports bettingdevelopment of technology in the future。

       May 9,Drone Salon Event becomes the highlight of the day。In Hongqi Plaza,12781_12801,Self -experienced the freedom and stimulation of controlling drones。

       After continuous wonderful activities,12960_12981。13054_13079,It has also promoted communication and cooperation with different majors,Effectively promote the integration and development of the special education of our school,13170_13200,12991_13010。

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