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Green Yin Stadium, excellent style

Green style, began at the foot

Blooming youth, chasing dreams

Run, bloody youth

       The annual spring breeze green,Strong body fit at the time。To further improve the comprehensive 188bet sports bettingquality of students,Create positive、Health、Vibrant campus sports atmosphere,Show the students' youthful vitality and fighting spirit,Recent,Our school's 2nd "Loch -Alumni Cup" campus men's football game in the football field is hot,After 9 days of wonderful competition,Final Information and Control Engineering Department 2 team won the champion,The 2 team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering won the runner -up,The 2 team of the Department of Chemistry and Chemistry won the third place,Electrical Engineering and Automation 2003 Zhang Junhe won the Golden Boot Award。

       This competition,A total of 12 teams participated,156 athletes。The competition 188bet mobile loginis 11 people,In the first round, adopt the knockout system,Total three groups,Ranking in each group,The second round adopts the circular race system,The first place in the three teams compete for the Asian Army。

       Since the start of the game,Each team fighting spirit、Unity cooperation、Passion confrontation。Players sweat、Not afraid of collision、Fighting hard,Wonderful fast attack、Stubborn confrontation,Show Shen Ke's unyielding stubborn fighting spirit and the spirit of hard work。Players on both sides follow football and run on the green field,ingredients,Courage and strength collide here。Over the person、Breakthrough,Crossing against time; 188bet sports bettingdefense、Crossing,exciting heart strings; shooting、Goals,excited heart。On the field,Players, you scramble to grab me,Chasing each other,Everyone uses it all to solve the number,Fighting hard,Show sports style。

       Middle on the field must fight for seconds,The enthusiasm of the field under the field,Loud slogan,Excited shouts and encouragement sounds one after another,Each attack of the player,All fastened the heartstrings of the audience。

       Junior free run,Youth Fighting Board。In the applause and cheers of all teachers and students,The 2nd "Living Cup" campus men's football game ended。The results belong to the past,Struggle to achieve the future,The beautiful 188bet mobile loginfuture belongs to every struggler,Let's work together,Working hard、Fighting forward,Contribute youthful power!

Youth, is sweat and passion on the court

Youth, the speed and power under the feet

Foot dream green, live up to youth

We see you next year

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