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Young "Basket" can't hold


You are youth, flying is passion

The fighting spirit is fighting, and the dream is chasing the dream

       May 15,The third "Youth Cup" campus men's basketball 188bet slot casinogame of our school successfully ended。Athletes from various departments interpreted "Friendship First、The second competition "  sports spirit,Fighting hard,Show Shen Ke's sports style。A total of 12 teams participating in this competition,After 9 competition days、Fierce competition in 15 games,Final Information and Control Engineering Department 2 team won the champion,The 2 team of 188bet mobile loginthe Department of Mechanical Engineering won the runner -up,The Department of Information and Control Engineering 1 team won the third place,Chemical and Chemical Department 1 Team、Chemical and Chemical Department 2 team、The 1st team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering won the excellent award,Computer Science and Technology 2203 Li Shuyang Get the best pitcher。

       In the knockout stage,Each team has shown strong strength and excellent tactical level,Strive to get the chance of qualifying。After entering the cycle,,The competition of each team enters the white thermalization,Each team actively adjusts tactics,Strengthen the battle between defense and rebounds,Dare to fight and fight,Trustech cooperates with hard work to write bloody youth。

       With the whistle,Each team go all out,Active defense offensive,Each time、layup、Shooting is accompanied by applause。188bet sports bettingQuick offensive and defensive conversion、Key scores,Both parties must fight in seconds,The competition is always deadlocked,The blood and determination of the team members,Deeply moved every audience at the scene,Everyone applauds them and shouted。

       Passion Burning,Sprinkle youth sweat,Hot blood boiling,Release youthful vitality。This year's basketball league not only enriches campus cultural life,Stimulated the enthusiasm for students to participate in physical exercise,At the same time, a platform for communication with students,Created the opportunity to show self。Let us meet the next basketball league,Claim passion again,Written 188bet sports bettinga more brilliant chapter。

Youth is a song,Excited note

Youth is a fire,Dream of Burning Inner Inner

The collision between basketball and passion

is the intersection of youth and dreams

Hot -blooded youths

We see you next year

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