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       In order to implement the "Ministry of Education about doing well 2024 Notice of Employment and Entrepreneurship of General College Graduates National University "(Employment and Employment [2023] No. 4) Requirements,Strengthen the training 188bet mobile loginof high -quality professional teacher team,Create internal and external complementary、Specialized and combined employment instructor team。Recent,Liaoning Provincial Career Planning and Design Special Career Training Course is successfully held in our school,This training specially invited members of the employment and entrepreneurial expert library of universities in Shaanxi Province、Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Psychological Quality Education Research Association、Liaoning province special employment entrepreneurial expert、Professor Han Yan, a special employment entrepreneurial expert in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,45 leaders from universities in the province、Teachers participate in 188bet mobile loginthis training activity。

       Wang Hongpeng, vice president of the school attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech,He extended a warm welcome to all the students participating in the training,and introduced the basic situation of our school and employment work "1234-9" project。He fully affirmed the importance of this special training,and hope that teachers will cherish this training opportunity,Learning in -depth,strive to improve at the level of career planning theoretical level,Reinforcement at the level of career planning and practical ability,Achieving effective improvement of comprehensive quality。

       This training uses group counseling、Interactive teaching form,The content includes the application 188bet online sports bettingof group counseling in career education and teaching、Application of coaching technology in group counseling、Employment and Entrepreneurship Special Topic Large Tuan Supplement、The writing and optimization of resumes,Professor Han Yan explained the specific content of career planning,Combining vivid and interesting cases provides students with specific ideas for caring for career planning,It shows the promotion role of career planning on student development。

       This training is a new situation for pioneering employment.、Accumulate practical experience,Employment of employment work for college graduates of our province to improve efficiency。Students have said that this training knowledge is new、Strong applicability,188bet mobile loginNot only did it improve the professional planning and design skills,I also have a new understanding and understanding of this field,and said that the content of this training will be applied to daily work,Let the knowledge you learned be used by yourself,Promote the continuous development of yourself and students。

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