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       In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Supporting College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "The General Office of the State Council's Office of the State Council's Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" and other superior documents,In -depth implementation of the "Implementation Opinions of Shenyang University of Science and Technology on In -depth Promoting In -Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education In -In -In -the Integrated Integration",Further practice all staff innovation、Innovation in the whole process、All -round innovative innovation and entrepreneurial education concept,According to the "Administrative Measures for the College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan of Shenyang University of Science and Technology",Now starting the 2024 National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Dashen Plan")。The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Project type

      (1) General items

       "Big Innovation Training Plan" includes innovative training projects、​​Entrepreneurship training project and entrepreneurial practice project。

        1. Innovative training project。The teaching mode 188bet online sports bettingreform aimed at exploring problems and topics at the core,Promoting project as a carrier、Innovation experiments with students as the main body,Pay attention to the research process,Mobilize students' initiative、Putty and creativity,Make students exercise for innovative scientific research。The project is expanded in the form of a student or team,Under the guidance of the instructor,Design of innovative research projects independently、Research condition preparation and project implementation、Research Report Writing、Achievements (academic) exchange and other work。No more than 5 students participating in each project。

        2. Entrepreneurship training project。It aims to explore the actual or simulated commercial activities as a carrier,Cultivate students' entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial ability。The project is expanded in the form of a student team,Under the guidance of the instructor,Each student in the team plays one or more specific roles during the project implementation process,Complete the establishment of a business plan、Carrying out feasibility study、Simulation Enterprise Operation、Participate in enterprise practice、Writing a work report and other jobs。No more than 5 students participating in each project。

        3. Entrepreneurship practice project。In the form of a student team,Under the guidance of school and business instructor,The results of the preliminary innovation training project (or innovative experiment) are adopted,Put forward a innovative product or service with market prospects,Carry out entrepreneurial practice activities based on this。

      (2) Key support field projects

       To guide students of our schools to the national economic and social development and major strategic needs,Based on the development trend of innovation and entrepreneurial education,Get outstanding innovation 188bet casinoand entrepreneurship results in key areas and key links,Each teacher can also instruct students to participate in the key field of support fields in national university students' innovation and entrepreneurial training plan。The key support project is based on the "limited field、Limited scale、Limited Objectives "principle,Supporting basic theoretical research projects with certain innovation and targeted application research projects to continue deepening research and practice,Encourage the research of emerging marginal disciplines and cross -disciplinary cross -disciplinary comprehensive research (see attachment)。The research team must effectively use the existing laboratory of our school and society、College student innovation and entrepreneurial incubation base、Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and other research platforms owned by research platforms and scientific research resources,Actively carry out cutting -edge scientific research、Undverted technology innovation、Practice of substantive entrepreneurs。The key support project is recommended by the local education administrative department.,The recommended amount does not exceed 2%of the total number of project projects of the "National Innovation Plan" in the previous year。Project support funds in principle is not lower than 2 times supporting funds for other "Guochuang Plan" projects in the same type。

2. Declaration requirements

      (1) Project team members、The ability structure is more reasonable。Each student can only be responsible for an innovative training or entrepreneurial practice project,Do not cross the report between different projects at the same time,Each student can participate in projects declared in different periods,But the total number of participation must not exceed two。

      (2) The project team 188bet online sports bettingneeds not more than 2 instructors to guide,The first instructor must have a master's degree in deputy senior titles or intermediate titles or once instructed students to win a prize in the innovation and entrepreneurial competition above the school level (including school -level competitions),Encourage projects, especially entrepreneurial training and entrepreneurial practice projects, hire outstanding entrepreneurs or industry experts as instructors。Instructor who declared national projects must have at least one intermediate or above title。The new application items guided by the same instructor each year cannot exceed 2,But have been guided many times、Provincial projects and the guidance projects have received the problem,Quantity can be increased to 3。

3, work process

       The overall work of Da Chuang Training Plan is divided into project application、Treasures of the project、Treasurer、Medium -term inspection、Entering application and defense of the question,School supporting certain funding support,After the question, I will issue a certificate of issuance to teachers and students。

4. Project funds

       (1) Our school decided to be national level、Provincial and school -level Greater Innovation Training Program Supporting Fund,The total source of the "Great Innovation Plan" project at all levels at all levels is performed in principle according to the notification of the Provincial Department of Education。

       (2) After the project is established,The school will use 30%of the funding for the project for project startup implementation,The mid -term inspection of the project passed 50%of the operation of the project funds to support the operation of the project,After the acceptance is qualified, dial the project funds for more than 20%of the project funds。

5. Project submission process

         1. This project is submitted to the work of "Liaoning Provincial College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship 188bet sports bettingManagement Sharing Platform" for,URL is: http://cxcy.upln.cn。

         2. Step and requirements: Student registration account,Log in the shared platform,Registration according to the system prompt、Fill in the project information and upload it by the instructor signed、Department of the Department of Department、The "Application Letter" PDF version after stamping the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education,The above work needs to be completed before 22:00 on July 1, 2024。

6. Contact:

       General person in charge: Teacher Tianchuan

       General Coordinator: Teacher Wang Sen

       Fund Management: Teacher Dong Yang

       Tel: 024-31919656


       Annex 1: Corporation of Innovation Training Project

       Annex 2: Application for Entrepreneurship Training Project

       Annex 3: Reporting of Entrepreneurship Practice Project

       Annex 4: Platform application for student -side operation tutorials

       Annex 5: "Administrative Measures for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan for College Students of Shenyang University of Science and Technology"

       Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1blz1o-hsjoch4fyn8ism5q

       Extract code: 9656




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May 28, 2024

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