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       188bet online sports bettingFor serious exams、Correct test wind,Promoting the construction of learning style,Guide students' integrity to be examined,In the upcoming national university foreign language level 46 test、On the occasion of the final exam,According to the Academic Affairs Office, the "Integrity Exam,Everyone has the responsibility of "publicity and education activities,Each department and departments actively organize teachers and students to carry out publicity and education 188bet online sports bettingactivities for testing and discipline。

       Through the theme class meeting、Signature activity of "Integrity Examination",Let students clear the test rules,The importance of extensively promoting the integrity examination。The theme class meeting,Teachers emphasize the hazards of cheating in the exam,Exam discipline requirements accurately convey to each student,Guide students to carefully review the preparation,Effectively improve students' discipline and integrity 188bet sports bettingawareness。In the signature activity of the "Integrity Examination",Students hold their names on the banner holding a sign.,One horizontal and one vertical,I wrote a little golden gold for the students for the integrity test、It is necessary to speak out。

       "Integrity Exam,Everyone is responsible ",The school will further grasp the work and discipline,Strengthen supervision and inspection,Help Xue Style Construction,Create a good test atmosphere,Effectively improve the 188bet online sports bettingquality of talent training。

188bet slot casino
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