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       A few days ago,from the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Education Department、Provincial Science and Technology Department、The 2024 "Challenge Cup" "Challenge Cup" Liaoning Provincial College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition jointly organized by the Provincial Association of Science and Technology。

       During the whole process of this competition,Under the guidance of the school leaders and the concept of "Three All",New breakthroughs in the participation of teachers and students and the level of work realization。Only one month,188bet mobile loginCompleted the cultivation of works from the provincial competition、An provincial recommendation and other series of work,Getting staged success。

       Analysis,Presented five major features in the organization of the "Challenge Cup" contest:

       First, the early competition organization work is rigorous and orderly。To serve the teachers and students of our school to participate in this competition,Innovation and 188bet online sports bettingEntrepreneurship Education College followed up the game,Post 3 competition organization documents,Make sure the successful development of the competition application。

       The second is the whole process of participation,School planning special training lectures,escort for the participation of teachers and students。During the competition mobilization,The school joint China Science and Technology Group made a special lecture on the school's teachers and students。During the contest,"Shenke Entrepreneurship Lecture — Special issue live broadcast", "Small Express Entrepreneurship" section,Special pushing the four -phase related training courses。

       After the review of the school competition,The School of Innovation and 188bet online sports bettingEntrepreneurship Education held a training meeting,Practicing the entries one by one,Make specifications and improvements in accordance with the provincial standards。

       Third is more entries、High participation of teachers and students。In various departments、Multi -party mobilization of various departments,The teachers and students of our school enthusiastically participate,Tastest preparation,Eventually, 110 complete entrepreneurial plan projects were formed,The quantity and quality of the work have been significantly improved compared to the previous session,Make all departments、Full coverage of various departments,More than 3110 students participating in the number of students,Created a good competition atmosphere and innovation and entrepreneurial style。

       Fourth is strong work innovation,Wide coverage。In this "Challenge Cup" contest work,The works submitted by our school generally have strong innovation,and there is a larger value in actual operation and promotion。Its research field not only covers the Internet+agriculture、Internet+manufacturing、Internet+service industry 188bet casinoand other fields,More to IP、Nuclear Energy and other cutting -edge "card necks" areas launched challenges。

       Five is strict on -school review,High standard specifications。In the "Challenge Cup" event,The total score of our school group ranks at the forefront of universities in the province for seven consecutive years,Get two first firsts in private universities,Five times。Therefore, the review and review of this competition pay more attention to the "innovation" and "practicality" of the works,For the projects that have begun to operate and have invention patents as appropriate,For projects with creative and pro -products, focus on its conversion cycle,Make sure to transform creativity into a product in the daily life of the public。

       The school has attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurial education in recent years,Outstanding results in various competitions,It is the vivid manifestation of the school's firm establishment of the status of the teaching center; it is the specific presentation of the school's adherence to the deep 188bet sports bettingintegration of professional education and innovation and 188bet online sports bettingEntrepreneurship Education;。

       This competition is held,Promote the improvement of students' innovative spirit and practical ability,Strengthen the cooperation of schools and all walks of life。Future,The school will continue to improve the innovation and entrepreneurial education system,Strengthen the construction of the teacher team,Hold more competitions,Cultivate high -quality innovation and entrepreneurial talents。

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