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       June 7-9,The 4th Liaoning 188bet casinoProvincial College Student Gold Photo Skills Competition and the 13th National College 188bet mobile loginStudent Gold Philosophy Skills Contest (Liaoning Division), hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education.,106 students in our school after the school match are pre -selected,35 students are promoted to the provincial competition,After competition,Jiang Min、Zhong Junjie、He Jun、Wang Dianlin's four students won special prizes,Du Yi、Mingyue two students won the first prize,The school won the third prize of the group。

       The National College 188bet mobile loginStudent Gold Philosophy Skills Competition is hosted by the Materials Professional Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education.,It is from Tsinghua University、Beijing University of Science and Technology、A college student event jointly launched by universities such as Tianjin University,It aims to improve the gold phase skills and practical hands -on ability of college students,Through the training of professional basic skills, the "craftsman spirit",This event has now become the highest professional specifications 188bet casinoof materials、The system is the most sound、The widest coverage、The most influential event。

       School attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education,The results in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition have been significant in recent years,Fully stimulated the enthusiasm of students' innovation and entrepreneurs,In the future, schools will increase their efforts to build innovation and entrepreneurs,Improve the education system,Opening a course,Cultivate more talents with innovation and entrepreneurship 188bet casinoand practical ability。

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