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       In the afternoon of June 12,The school holds party discipline education and education warning education meeting,Member of the school leaders,School Deputy Section and above cadres,All members of the Party Branch of each Party (Direct Party Branch) and all members of the party branch committees and departments of various departments attended the meeting,Party Secretary Geng Naiguo presided over the meeting and spoke。

       will be on it,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Gao Hongzhen from "strengthening discipline construction is a strategic rule of governing the party; the first thing is strict political discipline;188bet slot casino、Discipline becomes three aspects: "high -voltage line 'with electricity,conveyed the important discipline of General Secretary Xi Jinping's discipline of the Yanzhi Party。

       Secretary of the Party Committee Geng Naiguo put forward three opinions on further strengthening the party members and cadres of the school:

       The first is to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's disciplinary education,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Studies and Education in the minds and depths。The grassroots party organizations must be targeted in the next stage to strengthen the study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition content on comprehensively strengthening party discipline construction,Ensure that party discipline learning and education will go into the minds and go deeply。Second, the situation and task faced by the current party style and clean government construction and the struggle for anti -corruption,Constantly improving the discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Awareness of Defense。All party members and cadres must adhere to the "honesty proposed by General Secretary Xi 188bet sports bettingJinping during the inspection of Liaoning、Understand the rules、Disciplinary Nine Character Proverbs,Learn from the case、Bow in the province,Carefully carried out self -examination and self -correction,Always maintain a sober political mind,Building a prison refusal corruption anti -change thought defense,Tighten the "Political Red Line"、Putting the "Political Police",Politician understanding people,A fear of heart、Words have a precept、There is something to do。Third is the significance of deep understanding of strict party rules and discipline,Create comprehensively to reassure the party、Teachers and students are satisfied、Loyal and clean cadre team。The whole school should not be discounted and implemented. The Provincial Party Committee、Work requirements of the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee,Deep understanding of the party discipline as the party's excellent tradition and valuable experience,Deep understanding of the necessary requirements of strict party discipline as a comprehensive governance 188bet casinoof the party,Keep in mind that the party is always on the road、The Party's self -revolution will always be on the road,Keep strict discipline、Strict rules are placed in a more important position to catch,Cadre team of the officer to start a business with iron discipline,Effectively provide a strong guarantee for the development of the school's various undertakings。

       Geng Naiguo emphasized,The school holds a warning education meeting,It is to fully implement the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee's deployment requirements for party discipline and education,All grass -roots party organizations in the school、All party members and cadres must stand at the extreme importance of carrying out party discipline education and education warning education at a high degree of high degree of political and global.,Persist in the responsibility and mission of school development,Build a "defense line" for integrity and self -discipline,The "bottom line" of strict discipline and rules,Far away from the "Red Line"188bet casino,To use right to use fairly at work、Usage according to law、For civil rights、Power of integrity,Frequent awe of the heart,I always hold my own thoughts,The harm of often thinking about greed,Chang Xiu is the virtue of politics,Always put discipline and rules in the primary position,Promoting the thorough self -revolutionary spirit,"Loyalty、Clean、Responsibility ",Create the political ecology of the wind and the righteousness and the environment for educating people to respect the integrity,To promote the high -quality development of the school,Build a strong high -level application -oriented college injecting a strong motivation、Concentrated strong joint force。

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