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       To facilitate the majority of candidates and parents to fully understand the school's school running situation and talent training mode,Accurately grasp the school's enrollment 188bet sports bettingpolicy,Choose the professional you like,Science、Precise fill in professional volunteers,The school is scheduled to be June 24-June 30,Holding "Shenyang School of Science and Technology 2024 Campus Open Day" event。

1. Time arrangement

       June 24, 2024-June 30  9: 00--16: 00
2. Place of activity

       Shenyang School of Science and Technology, Liaoning Province, No. 30, No. 30, Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

3, activity content

       Activity 1: Admissions Office senior mentors provide you with enrollment consultation、Application for guidance of public welfare services;
       Activity 2: The school's characteristic experimental training room is open to the public,Arrange professional teachers to explain;

       Activity 3: School Against 188bet online sports bettingthe United States and Aid North Korea's spiritual education practice base、College student innovation and entrepreneurial incubation base、School History Museum、Library、"One -stop" Student Community Comprehensive Service Center、Student bedroom、Canteen, etc. All open to the public。


Four, the scope of activity
       All 2024 senior seniors and parents、The students and parents who have been admitted by our school can participate in this event。(Students, please provide ID cards or admission tickets for students to prepare for inspection。)
5. Method of ride
       1. Metro: Take Metro Line 4 to Hongchun Road Station and get off the car,Metro C's exit 100 meters is。
       188bet mobile login2. Bus: Take 128、188 bus to Hongchun Road Railway Bridge Station (Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology) to get off at。
       3. Self -driving: Navigation to the "North Gate of the South Campus of Shenyang University of Science and Technology"。
6. Appointment registration

       This event can scan the QR code below,Appointment for registration online in advance,You can also pass the appointment phone: 024-31679767 registration。

Seven, others
       1. The school cafeteria is open to the public during the open day,Candidates and parents can go to the cafeteria。
       2. During school,If you have any difficulties, please call the service: 024-31679767、31969585、31679717。

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Address: 30th West Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Entrusted: 110167 Tel: 024-31679767/31969585
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