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       Shenyang School of Science and Technology is a full -time civilian undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education。The school always insists on educating people for the party、For the talents of national education,Comprehensively implement the party's education policy,Implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Adhering to"Obligorate、Symptoms of Ethics ",Firmly establish the status of the teaching center,Promoting Sanquan Education、Five education,Efforts to run a private university satisfactory to the people。The school closely focuses on the development of the old industrial base in Liaoning and the industry needs of the industry,Highlighting application -oriented school positioning,Continuously optimize the professional structure of the subject,Open 30 undergraduate majors,Formation of engineering -oriented,Coordinated Development of Multi -disciplinary、Cross -fusion school running pattern。The school owns a special allowance expert of the State Council、1 188bet mobile loginof national model teachers,National ExcellenceScientific ResearchWorker 1 person; 6 teaching teachers in Liaoning Province,1 outstanding teacher in Liaoning Province,Liaoning Province's "Ten million Talent Project" 100 -person level candidates 1 person、Two people at the thousand people level、Ten 10,000 -person level candidates 2 people,1 outstanding educational scientific researcher in Liaoning Province; 2 leaders in Shenyang City,Shenyang City's top talent 2 people。

       According to the needs of school development,Now public recruitment for the society。

1. Recruitment conditions

       (1) Love higher education,Has high political literacy and good professional ethics。

       (2) Comply with discipline and law, righteousness, respect others.

       (3) Have a strong sense of responsibility、The spirit of career and dedication。

       (4) Have teaching and educating people,Management educating people,The idea of ​​serving and educating people。

       (5) physical and mental health, cheerful personality.

       (6) Reading and work,Non -disciplinary punishment。

       (Seven) Book of students must be all -daily and the first degree is the undergraduate。

       (8) One of the following situations, the school will not be hired:

       1. The registration information does not match the actual situation,There are problems such as falsification;

       2. A have been punished by various types of criminal punishment or party discipline、Political and discipline;

       3. It was dismissed by the original unit for the job work or other reasons;

       4. If you have mental and infectious diseases or physical conditions, you are not suitable for work in college teachers;


188bet slot casino2. Recruitment category and requirements

       (1) High -level talents

       1. Have a doctorate degree or professional and technical personnel of the deputy senior and above。

       2. "Millions of Million" talent conditions can be relaxed.

       3. Recruitment long -term valid,A discussion of one person and one person for special talents、A discussion。

       (2) full -time teacher

       For details, please refer to the attachment2

       (3) Others

       1. Annex 1: Shenyang School of Science and Technology in 2024 openly recruit high -level talent plans/uploads/file/20240618/202406135419-3096.docx

       2. Annex 2: Shenyang School of Science and Technology in June 2024 Teacher Recruitment Plan/uploads/file/20240618/202406135435-5816.docx

       3. Annexation 3: Teacher Application Form for Teachers of Shenyang School of Science and Technology/uploads/file/20240618/202406135457-7922.doc

       4. For the specific requirements of the recruitment, please refer to the attachment

       5. Registration deadline: June 30, 2024

3, hire treatment

       1. The school signed a formal labor contract with the employees,and pay five insurances and one gold in accordance with national regulations。

       2. According to the employment position、Education、Professional title and work experience Based on our school's salary policy to determine the salary standard,Professor's annual salary of 160,000,Associate Professor's annual salary of 130,000,The annual salary of the lecturer is 85,000,Salary is all reward without classes before tax。

       3. The school is a high -level talent introduced by the school、Teaching Dr.、Project doctorate provides competitive salary and benefits,Open green channels for special talents,Implement one person, 188bet casinoone discussion、A discussion。

       4. Welfare benefits: paid cold and summer vacation、Free bus、Free dormitory、Free brunch、Health inspection and various welfare benefits。

4. Application process

       (1) Online registration: Candidates who meet the requirements and requirements of registration must download and fill in the registration form (attachment 3),Registration Form (Do not put it in a compressed package,Establishing an independent attachment) and the application materials are sent to the mailboxSYICTKY3710@126.com (Please indicate "Name+Application Professional",Electronic version materials are named after name)。

       (2) Materials required for:

       1. Teachers of Shenyang School of Science and Technology Application Form

       2. Application material: ID card、Early academic degree certificate (log in to "China Higher Education Student Information Network (Xuexin.com)" inquiry download: "Online Verification Report of the Ministry of Education"、"Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of the Ministry of Education"、"Online Verification Report of Chinese Higher Education Degree")、performance results、Certificate of Title、Scanning items such as the teacher qualification certificate of college teachers。

       (3) The school will conduct qualification review of the application materials in accordance with the registration conditions and requirements,Select the best screening and call personnel who comply with qualifications to participate in the recruitment link assessment,Those who fail to pass the preliminary 188bet sports bettingreview will no longer be notified。

       (4) Recruitment procedures include preliminary qualifications、Interview assessment、Trial assessment,Qualification review of the person to be hired。

Five, contact information

       1. Address: No. 30, No. 30 West Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang City 

       2. School official website:http://www.syist.edu.cn/

       3. Lianhe people: Teacher Wang

          Contact number: 024-31969308



1. This recruitment only passed the official website of Shenyang University of Science and Technology、Official WeChat platform releases recruitment information,The notification form is the office phone of Shenyang University of Science and Technology,Registration information without other channels,Please do not believe other recruitment channels。

2. Only after the expiration of the trial period is qualified,Otherwise, you will not be hired。

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