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Between this hurry,

Another midsummer is quiet.

Looking back,

Each leaf, every ray of light in Shenke Garden,

All recorded the day and night we walked side by side.

The greenness of the campus from the beginning,

To the today's confidence and calmness,

Time is like fingertips,

Inadvertently slipped by tens of millions.

       Shaohua is just right,188bet online sports betting骊 不 歇,Enthusiastic heart,Award to the distance。On the evening of June 16,Shenyang School of Science and Technology "Youth No Graduation · Goodbye is still the youth" 2024 The opening ceremony of the college student art and culture festival and graduation party will be held smoothly at the North Campus Stadium,2024 graduates、The person in charge of the relevant functional department and the counselor teacher gathered together,Start a beautiful youth memory together。

       This party will open the prelude in the gorgeous light,The evening fusion band、Dance、Chorus、Crosstalk and other performance forms,Graduates use dance to tell,Send farewell with songs,Show the youthful vitality of Shenke's students。

       Dance "Fairy Tale" leads us back to the era of innocence,May graduates 188bet mobile loginbring this original heart,Brave pursuing dreams; the song "Floating to the North" symbolizes that graduates are about to sail,Stepping on a new journey without fear; "Goodbye" in the "Goodbye" of Minle Establishment tells the distinction,But it also indicates a new encounter; the dance "Peach Blossom Spirit" shows the beauty and gorgeousness of life。

       The song "The Concubine Drunk" allows us to appreciate the blending of classical and modern; the dance "Beautiful China" is a affection for the motherland; the poem recitation "Youth China" evokes our common memory of youth and the motherland; "Happy Graduation" witty humor,laughter and laughter; the dance "Twelve Wind Hua Jian" shows the profoundness of the excellent traditional Chinese culture; the song "Our Tomorrow" sings the beautiful expectations 188bet casinofor the future;,Looking forward to the future; the song "The Last page" Although there is a faint parting sadness,But it also symbolizes the end and new beginning; the dance "Nine Er" is with its unique charm,shows the tenacity and strength; when the last "The Story of Time", the melody slowly sounds,It seems to be brought back to the green and beautiful campus time,I sent sincere blessings for graduates who are about to embark on a new journey。

       Flying youth is written with blood spectrum,The magnificent years are engraved with friendship。I wish all the graduates in 2024 in the future of life,There is sunlight to illuminate all days,There are waves of bloom bathing life journey,There is a rainbow full of splendid future。

Fang first met yesterday, and farewell in a blink of an eye

Thousands of sails, still 188bet slot casinojuveniles when they come back

May we have unimpeded on their respective journey later

This goes to the wind all smooth

The shining star rivers seen when I raise my eyes

Flashing forever, always bright

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