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       Recent,University Student Department of the Ministry of Education (University Graduate Employment Service Department) issued the "Notice on Released the 188bet online sports bettingThird Phase of the Supply and Demand Control List of Employment Education Projects" (Teaching and Employment Division [2024] No. 23),Our school was approved for the first time of 22 Ministry of Education for supply and demand, docking 188bet mobile loginemployment and education projects,Among them, 9 items of employment internship base project,6 items of human resources improvement project,5 items of directional talent training training project,2 items of school -enterprise cooperation projects in key areas。

       It is reported,University Student Department of the Ministry of Education organizes employers and universities to implement supply and demand docking 188bet mobile loginemployment and education projects,is to further implement the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council "Stable Employment" and "Employment",Is deepening the integration of production and education、School -enterprise cooperation,Organic linkage to promote talent training and employment、Effective ways of effective connection with talents。In recent years,Our school attaches great importance to the employment work of graduates,Pay attention to innovative school -enterprise cooperation education models and paths,Continue to deepen the cooperation of school -enterprise and enterprise 188bet online sports bettingcooperation,Strengthening the Organization and Management of Education and Education Collaborative Education Projects,Integrate various social resources,From professional construction、Course construction、Cultivation mode、Teachers Construction、Base Construction and the construction of the industry, university and research platform, and other aspects of innovation school enterprise -enterprise cooperative education mechanisms。

       Future,The school will take the deepening school and enterprise as the basis,Taking the supply and demand to docking the 188bet mobile loginemployment and education project as the starting point,Further expand the 188bet casinoidea of ​​talent training,Constructing the integration of production and education、The good ecology of school -enterprise coordinated education,Promoting Education Chain、Talent Chain、Industrial Chain、Innovation chain integration development,Active service "Digital Liaoning、Smart Manufacturing and Strong Province "and the construction of the new" six places "in Liaoning。

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