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       June 20,2024 student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony to end the wind and rain stadium at the North Campus。School leader Sun Yuhong、Yuan Decheng、Zhang Liying、Wang Hongpeng、Gao Hongzhen、Guo Xiuli、Zhang Lei,and the person in charge of the school's related functional departments、All counselors and teachers attended the ceremony,Well witnessed that the 2024 graduates are full of pride and departure from "Dream Harbor",Cheekburn to the new journey。The ceremony was chaired by Xu Peng, director of the Party and Government Office。

       The graduation ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem.

       Vice President Yuan Decheng reads the "Decision on Graduation of Graduation of 2024 Students" and 188bet online sports betting"Decision on Giving the 2024 Student's Bachelor's degree"。Vice President Wang Hongpeng reads the "Decision on Commendation of Outstanding Graduates in the 2024 Liaoning Provincial College of Liaoning Province" and "Decision on Commendation of Excellent Graduate of Shenyang University of Science and Technology in 2024"。

       The Department of Environment and Biological Engineering Biological Engineering, Gao Xueer, spoke on behalf of graduates,She reviews the four -year life of college,Thanksgiving Alma Mater's careful cultivation、Thanksgiving teacher’s hard work、Thanksgiving for classmates' bits and students,After graduation, I will continue to adhere to the school motto of "learning and moral cultivation".,Climb again!

       Management and Media Network and New Media Professional Xu Wenbo speaks at school students。His representative students thanked the seniors for their leadership and companionship,It means that in the future, they will be used as a model goal,Become a dare to fight、Good at struggle、Knowing difficulty and entering、Tough and forward new era youth,Strive to write a new chapter in Shenke!

       Director of the Department of Information and Control Engineering Zhang Lianhao speaks on behalf of all 188bet mobile loginteachers,He completes his studies to successfully、Students who are about to go to a new post expressed warm congratulations。He plays graduates,Keep in mind the motherland、Revitalize the heavy responsibility of Chinese history; second, be a man of a person,Do it down -to -earth; Third, we must strengthen social adaptability,Accumulate platform resources and social experience; Fourth, we must give play to the scholarship and never lose、The spirit of hard work,Break the waves,Dream of dreams!

       Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、President、The Chairman of the Degree Evaluation Committee Sun Yuhong delivered a speech on the title of "Singing the Song of the Future"。She said,During the four years of Shen Ke's studies in Shen Ke, the students have witnessed the rise of great powers and the world's storms,Witnesses have witnessed the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Witnesses have witnessed the establishment of a well -off society in the whole land of Shenzhou。During the four years,The students also witnessed the continuous improvement of school teaching quality,188bet casinoThe improvement of teaching instruments and equipment,More reasonable for the teacher team,great improvement of the campus environment。On the occasion of the difference,She proposed three hopes to encourage graduates who are about to embark on the new journey,First, be able to look up at the starry sky、Aspirations high,Treating the life of people in firm ideals and beliefs; the second is to be able to learn from、Shouzheng Innovation,shows the value of life in the stubborn struggle; the third is to be able to make it bright、Tough confidence,Increase the thickness of life in rich practical experience。She hopes that all graduates will be in work and study life,Use practical actions to interpret the rich connotation of Shenke's school motto,Let Shen Ke's heroic、Shenke's speed、Shenke's passion、Shen Ke's voice spread throughout the Quartet!

       Youth Vailure,Return to Shanhai。2024 student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony in the familiar school song "Da Road Sunshine" to complete the gift。I wish all the total graduation of 2024 graduates.、Flowers all the way!

       Dumplings Send arrogant,Jiaozi Step Mark。To express the good blessings and ardent hope for graduates,The school has prepared dumplings that mean "arrogant" 188bet online sports bettingfor graduates in Xinghai Community,School leaders and representatives of teachers and students gathered together,Taste warm dumplings,The relationship between the common narrative。

       harmony、Rolling skin、Lost,Teachers will be wrapped in dumplings for teachers,Students will not be reluctant and memories into dumplings,Dumplings,Is a loving one,pieces of cakes,is a blessing,Condensing is a strong teacher -student love,It is carried by Yiyi。

       I wish 2024 graduates,Adhering to "Outstanding Available,The school motto of species morality ",On the new journey of life,Yang Fanyuan Voyage,Create a glory!

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