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       Recent,from the Liaoning Provincial Department 188bet sports bettingof Education、The "10th National Youth Science Innovation Experiment and Work Contest (Liaoning Division)" sponsored by the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Association successfully ended。The team selected by our school is going through the school competition,Provincial preliminary competition、Section、Answers and other links such as fierce competition,Hi won 43 provincial awards,Among them, 10 items of first prize、Twelve items of the second prize、21 items of third prize。Our school won the honorary 188bet casinotitle of "Excellent Organization Unit"。

       National Youth Science Innovation Experiment and Work Contest is one of the uniform college student innovation and entrepreneurial competitions organized by Liaoning Province in 2024,Our school fully launched the organization of the event in February 2024,Mobilize the whole school teachers and students to participate,Five 521 competition works,Participate in more than 3,200 teachers and students。This event focuses on stimulating students' enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation,Cultivate innovative practical ability and 188bet sports bettingscientific spirit,Let young students have the opportunity to show their creativity and talent,Participate in the experimental design through personally、Work production and other links,In -depth understanding of scientific principles,Master the technology method,Combining technological innovation with social needs,Provides innovative ideas for solving real problems。

       By participating in this contest,Provide a stage for our students to show the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship,Stimulated their love and pursuit 188bet sports bettingof science,Cultivate their team cooperation and communication ability,Lay a solid foundation for future application -oriented talents。

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