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       7895_7907,Listen to the opinions and suggestions of graduation students on the development of school development,7920_7926,Actively guide graduates to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、7937_7943,7939_7946、8047_8049、7950_7957。7962_7969,Information and Control Engineering 188bet sports bettingDepartment held a 2024th graduate symposium at the "one -stop" student community comprehensive service center,7987_7993、7983_7993。The symposium was chaired by Li Yiyi, the party secretary of the Department of Information and Control Engineering。

       8416_8418,Li Yiyi first expressed his sincere blessing for graduates,Encourage graduates to actively share four years of perception and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions,8325_8333,I expressed their gratitude to the school for training and support,Thank you for your hard work and selfless dedication,8355_8365,188bet casinoAt the same time, I shared the vision and goals of the future,8379_8392,Make valuable opinions and suggestions to the school。

       Vice President Yuan Decheng expressed enthusiastic congratulations to the students who are about to graduate,affirmed their efforts and efforts during school,Thanks to graduates and their parents, thank you,means that the development of the school is inseparable from the strong support of each student and parents,8736_8743,8752_8758,8750_8761,8765_8778,8768_8776,8891_8894、8785_8797,To achieve yourself in the process of pursuing 188bet slot casinovalue; Third, aspirational innovation,8803_8814,8817_8829。Yuan Decheng also recommended reading books to graduates,8831_8839,"To leave the alma mater as a new starting point for life,8939_8943,8886_8890,8860_8869,8870_8879,8880_8889,8890_8900。”,and hope that graduates can continue to pay attention to the development of the school,Contribute to the development of the school。

       This symposium not only provides the graduates with a expressive voice、9394_9401,It has also strengthened the connection and communication between the school and the graduates。The Department of Information and Control Engineering 188bet slot casinoalways adheres to students -centered,9428_9434,9447_9453、9463_9468、9433_9442,9463_9476。

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