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       In -depth implementation of the Party Central Committee、188bet mobile loginThe State Council "Stable Employment", "Promoting Employment", "Protecting Employment" decision deployment,The Employment Promotion of the Department of Information and Control Engineering has been successfully concluded at the library college student innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base.,More than 30 companies provide 536 internship employment positions for graduates of 2024 and students who are about to enter the internship.。


       School leaders come to the scene of the double election meeting,Disease with the employer's face 188bet online sports betting-to -face,Learn from the company's opinions on talent training,and propose hope schools and enterprises can further strengthen cooperation,Provide students with more high -quality jobs and internship training positions,Cooperation to promote the supply and demand docking of schools and enterprises,Realize win -win cooperation。

       This dual election meeting,The position provided by the information covers information technology、Electrical Engineering、Intelligent manufacturing and other fields。Live,188bet sports bettingDivide the students with the employer face face to face,Understand job responsibilities、Salary and development prospects,The representative of the employer answered patiently,and introduced the future development strategies of corporate culture and enterprises to students。



       This time the "100 -day sprint · Dream Building" employment promotion to the successful holding of the weekly selection meeting,Realized more than 420 resumes,Build a "two -way selection" communication platform for enterprises and students。Future,The school will 188bet slot casinocontinue to strengthen cooperation and exchange with enterprises,Constantly improving students' employment competitiveness and comprehensive quality,Contribute to cultivating more outstanding talents。

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