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2024 Graduation Season is as scheduled

Every corner of the campus

Every time the shutter is falling

All set the dazzling youth in the midsummer

Remember the friends who are working together

Unexplained teacher

Also self -working all the way

Summer is endless, long live a long life

We gather in early autumn

again in this midsummer cicada

Running to your own distant place

Meeting on a beautiful campus

Similar to qi

Gathering in the ocean of youth

Enthusiastic and unrestrained

Do not be in time of graduation

It is difficult to give up

Looking back, look back

The young man bowed his head is the sea of ​​Wang Yang in front of you

188bet sports bettingBig head is the vast starry sky in the future

Close eyes

It is the most sincere dream of students

May I go to the future like a brocade

Live in Shaohua Time

Walking, stroll again

Each corner, each step, each classroom

All carry heavy memories

Past programs bloom at this moment

Both fresh and bright

Goodbye, hot youth

Time flies, gorgeous bloom

In college days, it ended

From then on, it has faded off the green, fearless wind and rain

May this go to the wind, everything goes well

Paper is short -term, the Tao is not exhausted

I wish all the graduates in 2024

Follow dreams, born to the sun

With dreams as horses, in the future can be expected

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